Innov Cool Tech

Our experts support you in the study of thermal solutions adapted to your needs guaranteeing the improvement on the performance of your systems.



  • Advanced thermal and fluidic simulation.
  • Nodal code expertise for electric machines.

Simulation & Calculation

Thermal Characterization 

  • Design of test benches to analyze and optimize your thermal and fluid systems.

  • Working fluids characterization

Analysis & Advice

  • Assistance in understanding your product works and identify areas for improvement.

  • Provide feedback on your thermal management projects.

Training & Expertise

  • Conduct training on the thermal management.


Innov Cool Tech is a Start-up, offering thermal and fluid engineering services and benefits to meet your needs.

Coming from industry and academia, the founders of Innov Cool Tech have extensive know-how in thermal management, sizing, simulation and testing of thermal systems.

Innov Cool Tech conducts studies using its own simulation and optimization tools. These tools are customizable and adaptable according to your needs.


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